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Tue September 02, 2008

Introducing Rails Mentor

Me and fellow Rails developer Carl-Johan Kihlbom from Gothenburg have just founded Rails Mentor. Rails Mentor is a network of Ruby on Rails experts and we offer mentorship and training in anything related to Ruby on Rails. Me and Carl-Johan are committed to Rails best practices and together we have a broad experience of applying Ruby on Rails to varying types of projects. Now we would like to help spread this knowledge to others. If you need to be brought up to speed quickly with Rails or need a code or architecture review, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are currently at RailsConf in Berlin and we are giving free Rails Mentor t-shirts so come talk to us if you want one!

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Mon July 23, 2007

Teaching the First Rails Course in Sweden

In the last week of June I had the privilege of teaching the 5 day Ruby on Rails course I Go Ruby at the wonderful Ulvhäll Herrgård in Strängnäs, just a one hour train ride west of Stockholm. To the best of my knowledge it was the first Ruby on Rails course held in Sweden, and this of course made us feel special. The relaxed location and format of the course - a summer camp with a small group of students - also worked well to create a pleasant atmosphere.

I have previously taught evening courses in Ruby on Rails at companies like Great Works and Connecta, but this was the first time that I got to teach a longer course. We had a small group of eight students with very different experience levels and this of course posed quite a challenge for me. I found that my exercises were a tad too difficult and also that I was possibly covering too much material, at least for the less experienced students.

I developed all of the course material myself - over 300 slides plus exercises - a major undertaking consuming about a month of full time work. The basic contents of the course roughly corresponds to the Agile Web Development with Rails book, but important additions were made in areas such as Ruby, testing, and Rails 2.0.

There are tentative plans to make the course material available online at an affordable price. I am also hoping to offer two day Rails courses in Stockholm during the autumn. Eventually I'd like to offer a two day introductory course, and then one or more advanced one or two day courses on advanced topics. Stay tuned for announcements on this, and let me know if you are interested.


Wed July 19, 2006

This Might Cost You a Little...

I just received an invoice from my dentist for 900 SEK (about a 100 EUR) for some unspecified service. I called them and it turned out I was paying 900 SEK for being 15 minutes late. What happened was I over slept and four minutes into the appointment when I was rushing out of my apartment to get on my bike my dentist calls (from Folktandvården, Eastmaninstitutet). I apologize and tell her I can be at her clinic in 7 minutes on my bike. She says nah, I'm not sure it's worth you coming in now that you're late, we better schedule a new time for you. I say ok, given that I didn't seem to have a choice. We book a new time and then at the end of the conversation she mentions that "oh, this might cost you a little" (the exact words in swedish were "det här kommer kanske att kosta lite").

Interesting points of comparison here is that once before when I missed an apointment I paid 300 SEK. My mom says she has never had to pay for missed appointments at her dentist. Last time I visited the dentist and they examined my teeth I paid 500 SEK, which right now seems pretty cheap, especially given that that time they actually performed a service for me.

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