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A Magical Weekend

The Louvre in Paris

I spent a fantastic weekend in a sunny Paris combining both business and pleasure (with a clear emphasis on the latter). I stayed at the cosy Young and Happy Hostel on rue Mouffetard where I met all kinds of interesting people from Dublin, Vancouver, California and Australia. I had the best Crepes ever at a greek creperie on rue Mouffetard and I enjoyed fillings such as strawberry, nutella and banana, ham and cheese and salad. Mmmm.... those crepes were surprisingly delicious!

I enjoyed a very special evening in the cave of the Caveau de la Huchette jazz club where people were swinging to a good band and it genuinely felt like being transported back in time.

I made some interesting contacts in between lectures at the Prometeus E-Learning conference on sunday and monday. I'm going to follow up on these contacts to inform people about the .LRN e-learning platform.

On a lunch break from the conference I had a wonderful and sunny picknick with my dear friend Alice drinking fine Bordeaux wine with her friends on the charming wooden bridge right next to the Louvre with a splendid view over the Seine. On monday I had a coffee with Alice on a beautiful square on rue Mouffetard. There's something very special about having a coffee in the sun at a Parisian cafe. Add to that the company of Alice Cabane, and there is perfection. Alice is leaving for Peru and I promised to visit her there.

I just found out that I can travel for 120 Euros to Paris and Nice from Copenhagen with GoodJet. I'm certainly returning to Paris and I would love to visit Nice! You can check out the photos I took during my Paris visit here.