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Best Online Community in Sweden

The swedish magazine Internet World has compiled a list of the 100 best websites in Sweden. The top five sites are:

  1. Lunarstorm
  2. Gula Sidorna (the yellow pages)
  3. TV4
  4. Pricerunner
  5. Aftonbladet

I looked at the Lunarstorm community briefly before and it looks quite nice (I wish I would have built a popular community like that...). I believe the site was built as a hobby by a few teenagers in Sweden using Open Source software (go open source!).

If I am to pick on the Lunarstorm site one thing that I immediately disliked is their use of frames. There is still a lot of room for usability improvement on the web. A lot of the big swedish sites that I have seen use a fixed width layout with a huge right margin. The right margin is just a filler area and is of no benefit to the user. The fixed width means that the pages won't adjust to big monitors. I have recently read a number of books on web usability, most of them by Jakob Nielsen, and I am going to publish an article on that topic here soon.