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ADSL Prices Going up

I just read in Computer Sweden that Bostream - a Swedish company offering ADSL service - are raising their monthly ADSL fees from 249 SEK to 449 SEK. That's quite some raise! Bostream offers speeds of 2.5 Mbit/s downstream and 768 Kbit/s upstream which is the fastest ADSL connection you can get in Sweden.

Myself I'm still stuck with a modem connection in my appartment out in Sigtuna outside Stockholm. I wish Telia could at least tell me when ADSL will be available in my area. I mean, they should have some kind of plan for their ADSL expansion, it can't just happen at random. I have been surprised though with how well I have been able to get by with a modem connection. Of course, a modem sucks when you need to do big downloads or stay online for long periods of times. Speaking of things that suck, I find it very annoying to work behind a corporate firewall where I can't use chat clients and I can't log on to my server. I feel shut off from the world. Oh well, at least I have a phone in my office...