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Destiny's Child Disappoint in Stockholm

I can't remember having walked away disappointed from a concert before, but from Destiny's Childs concert at Globen yesterday I really did. I knew that the acoustics at Globen were lacking, but I didn't see the terrible sound of this concert coming! I don't know just which sound effects the sound engineers were using, but the voices seemed to have so much reverb (echo) added to them that I could barely discern a word of what the artists were singing (or saying in between the songs, not that I think it was anything of interest...). The concert was very monotonous - one song was orchestrated and performed like the next and the mood never changed much. It was like one hectic medley of some of their biggest hits performed on routine in just over one hour. The artists always felt remote and the show artificial. The concert was anything but personal.

After such devastating criticism it is all the more enjoyable to reminisce some of the great concerts that I have experienced in the past, Whitney Huoston at Globen in Stockholm, Lauryn Hill in Vienna, Radiohead in Boston, Depeche Mode at Wembley in London, India Arie at Cirkus in Stockholm and last but not least Petra Stetina's virtuoso violin performance with Norrlands Nations Salongsorkester in Uppsala... It's a good thing the Destiny's Child concert is but an exception and concerts are still well worth going to!