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My First Acoustic Instrument

I just had to post a picture of my nice new LP Bongo drums:

My Bongo Drums

It was in Copenhagen that I regularly started dancing salsa and through the dancing I developed an interest in the music. On the salsa mailing list in Copenhagen there came an invitation from Jakob Johansen to learn how to play in a salsa band. As a child I always wanted to play the drums but my dad wasn't happy about the idea of having drums in the house so that dream never materialized. However, in Copenhagen I jumped on the opportunity and by chance I ended up playing Timbales in the band. I was the only one in the band who was a total beginner but it worked out ok anyway and I throughly enjoyed it.

Once in Stockholm last year I was looking for the opportunity to continue playing in a salsa band. I found Pygge and Alternativa Musikskolan in Sollentuna where I took private lessons in Timbales. I decided to switch to conga drumming and pursued that for a while. Eventually I found a salsa band that I could play in. However, it turned out they alreay had a conga drummer so I had to learn the bongos instead. I find bongos easier to play than the congas and they are great for soloing. I think my new bongo drums look great - now I just have to learn how to play them...

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Comments said 2008-09-06 02:15:

If you give me your e mail i will keep in touch

mikeybongoman said 2008-09-06 02:13:

If you come to uk i want to jam. I also play congas bongos and my friends and family cant understand the addiction. can you. Im in the north near the lakes and scotland we have venues in Lancster a historic university city please come. mikey