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Rails Meetup @ Akkurat

The Akkurat pub

Tonight a bunch of hardcore geeks here in Stockholm met up at the excellent Akkurat pub to chat about Ruby and Rails. More than Rails though, the conversation seemed to drift towards ABC 80, Atari, and Amiga nostalgia which was great fun. I am very positively surprised by the atmosphere and service at Akkurat by the way and I now consider it to be my favorite pub here in Stockholm. The next time I need to try their special "Heaven" and "Hell" beers.

I've thoroughly enjoyed both the Rails meetups that we've had so far. The first one was held at The Dancing Dingo, the second one tonight at Akkurat, and the third one we are planning to have in a couple of weeks at Saddle and Sabre. To signup for notifications about future meetups in Stockholm make sure to get on the swedish Rails mailing list which you'll find at