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The Weepies Make me Weep with Joy

I just came home from a concert with The Weepies (a folk/pop duo from the US) at Debaser here in an exceptionally warm and sunny Stockholm.

The Weepies made me all misty eyed, showering beautiful harmonies of vocals and guitars over a small audience in an intimate concert setting. I loved the fact that about half of the songs were new to me since they were drawn from the solo CDs of Deb Talan and Steve Tannen that preceeded The Weepies. They also played a new song about an "Old Coyote" to be released soon on Itunes...

I wish there would have been more people to cheer Deb and Steve and Meghan Toohey (guitar) on. The band was so humble and appreciative of the few of us who had shown up though that it didn't seem to be a problem. Afterwards I stayed around and chatted a bit with Deb, Steve, and Meg and they are absolutely lovely, warm, and down to earth people.

I discovered The Weepies by chance last christmas holiday thanks to a "Staff Favorites" recommendation in Itunes Music Store. In a way The Weepies made me rediscover and re-appreciate pop music, and that's no mean feat. Over the last years I've been so busy listening to and dancing to salsa music (and some jazz and tango on the side) that I haven't been able to keep up with mainstream pop much.

Do check out The Weepies on Itunes Music Store and don't miss the cute story of how they met. It's almost too perfect to be true.

The Weepies will make it big. I just know it. Next time they play in Stockholm they will probably be way too popular for me to be able to go and talk to them after the concert, unfortunately. Thanks for making it all the way here to play - and welcome back!