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A Day and Night in Malmö

I made a nice little excursion to Malmö this weekend and took a few photos.

When I arrived in Malmö I was greeted by the anti war demonstrations at Stora Torget. Undeterred by the loud demonstrators, I soon found my way to Lilla Torget where I ended up doing way too much shopping at the Folk å Rock CD store.

I was looking for a place where I could pratice my salsa in the evening but neither the Petri Bar nor the Deep bar would be playing any latin rhythms that particular saturday. To perfectly be able to monitor the salsa scene I am now signed up to the Malmö/Lund/Helsingborg salsa list.

As a reward for having walked a fair bit up Amiralsgatan (looking for the closed salsa club) I had a cup of tea at the Cafe CD and LP which has very nice interior and a cosy atmosphere.

I was recommended by my friend Mats to go to the Slagthuset Nattklubb that opens at midnight. I tried hanging out at a few bars/cafes around Lilla Torget such as Victor's, Gökboet, and Mello Yello and they were all very nice, but there was just too much time to kill between 7 pm and midnight.

Luckily I ran across Spegeln/Cinemateket (Triangelfilm), a large cinema right on Stora Torget, with a good repertoire of international/alternative movies. It seemed the cinema is underappreciated by Malmö residents as it was almost empty on a saturday. I decided to watch Punch Drunk Love by Paul Thomas Anderssen (Magnolia) starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. This is by far the best Adam Sandler movie that I have seen, however, I know that is not saying much :-) The movie had good acting though, a lot of funny moments, plenty of suspense and unpredictability, and was even quite touching. I recommended it.

After the movie I walked down to the harbor just to confirm that Slagthuset was indeed very closed and would not open until midnight. I found my way back through the cold to Victor's where I hooked up with the two nice girls Tilde and Matilde. The house/hip-hop music at Victor's was quite good but we decided to move on to a place where we could dance. After a brief dismissive look at Harry's we spent what seemed like a very long time in the line to the Etaget club. Etaget is quite a big place that alternates techno/disco and hip-hop on the main floor and plays the golden oldies on the second one. It also has a lounging area on the uppermost Etage.

At 3:04 am I got on the bus back to Copenhagen very glad that I had finally given Malmö a thorough visit and knowing that it wouldn't be the last.