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Floating in Hosting Paradise

I just signed up with DreamHost and I must say that so far it's been an amazingly smooth and pleasant experience. Their web control panel and help systems are really powerful and usable and everything on the server has worked great so far! DreamHost really seems to have great sys admins and they've been in the business for quite a while so they've probably learned a lesson or two over the years.

I really like managed hosting, it gives you that warm and cosy feeling of beeing well taken care of and not have to worry about things like backups and server uptime and other boring infrastructure details. Of course you still need to think about backups but at least your hosting provider has a fallback for you if your own setup fails.

Here is a list of features at DreamHost that I copied from one of their informative and amusing newsletters:

* Jabber Server.
* Quicktime Streaming.
* Miva Merchant included on a pretty cheap plan.
* We keep two hourly, two daily, and two weekly FULL backups of all 
   websites on all plans for free, and you can access them in the hidden
   .snapshot directory in every directory of every user.
* All Debian.
* Lots of Domains/SubDomains/Users/Databases/Disk/Bandwidth.
* DreamHost Rewards.
* DreamHost Donations.
* We're small(ish), never merged with anybody, and not public.
* The Sexiest Newsletter Writer in the Industry, nay, the World.