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Elsker dig for Evigt

To borrow a sentence from a review at IMDB - Susanne Bier hits all the right notes in her first Dogme 95 movie Elsker dig for Evigt. I loved the movie - it touched me very deeply and I almost feel like I need to go see it again! Even though "Elsker dig for Evigt" is a sad and heart-breaking drama it wasn't nearly as dark and chilly as Lilja 4-Ever and I could leave the cinema thoughtful and emotional, but not disgusted. By the way, I read that both those movies are nominated for the best foreign film Oscar this year, an award I think they are both well worthy of.

The soundtrack with the french-indonesian singer Anggun and music by danish composers (Niels Brinck and Jesper Winge Leisner who also did the music for the movie "Den eneste ene") is excellent! Now I need to go buy that too...damn it annoys me that CD:s are so expensive! I wish the CD weren't more expensive than seeing the movie.