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Jennifer Rush Nostalgia

I somewhere read the word "undone", and immediately came to think of the great 80-ies pop song "I come Undone" by Jennifer Rush. Here is the chorus:

With the touch of your hand I come undone
With the flash of your burning eyes I know
that you're the only one I come, I come
undone I come undone

I remember how I was listening to this song from a tape in my dads car in Hemavan where my parents had a house we used to go to every winter to ski. I loved the song then, and it's just as good now. What strikes me most is Jennifer Rush's cold but oh so beautiful and unique voice.

I still prefer Jennifer Rush's version of "The Power of Love" over the one that Celine Dion recorded later. Given the greatness of Celine Dion as a singer that's quite a compliment. Even more so when you consider that an original recording is not necessarily better than a cover, something I learned when I heard the stunning "Fields of Gold" (Sting's song) performed by Eva Cassidy.

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javier Calvo/ said 2007-03-12 11:37:

Hello Peter I'm also a big Jennifer Rush fan, in fact I'm the president of her Interntional Fan Club. She conquered me in 1985 with Ring of ice and I'm still devoted. I come undone is also a nice song with a strong feeling. I hope you have had the opportunity to see her live in concert. Wow! I haven't forget it. Yes now again on a recording studio in London and hope we'll have soon her new album ( more details in her excellent Nobody has sing power of love like her. Celine is a wonderful singer but this song belongs to Jenny in a very special way. After more than 20 years this song still rocks! Best regards from Spain Javi"Stern" Calvo