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Life in New York

From a Blog found at NYCBloggers about life in New York:

sushi is a valuable natural resource.
"don't walk" is just a suggestion.
nothing exists beyond the five boroughs (hey, that's just what they tell me).
10 blocks is not far at all. ask me about 40 and then we can talk.
black is not the only color we wear, but it's still the best.
no, i haven't met X, Y or Z celebrity, and the ones i have seen or said hello to
probably aren't important to you anyway, so just shut the fuck up.
shut the fuck up.
fuck you, you fuckin' fuck.
apartments are small- really fucking small. 500 square feet is a palace.
everything is expensive. even free shit isn't really free.
nobody gives a shit, except the Krishna's, but they just want you to buy their stupid book.
Times Square sucks.
there is no Mall.
if you can't take it, go back where you came from.
nobody is ever from here.
have a nice fucking day.