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Memorable Movies This Summer

I have seen a couple of great movies in Copenhagen this summer: Pollock, Mulholland Drive, and Y tu mamá también.

The movie about the modernist painter Jackson Pollock was quite dark and interesting and Ed Harris impressed just like he did in A Beautiful Mind.

My expectations on Mulholland Drive were set very low as I found the trailer so silly and hadn't seen much of David Lynch before. I was reluctant to see the movie but I thought I had to find out what all the fuzz about David Lynch was about, and I did find out allright! Lynch has a characteristic style that is dark, mysterious, dreamlike, and quite beaufiful. I was totally blown away by the movie eventhough I didn't really understand the plot that mixed dream with reality in non-chronological and cunning ways.

Y tu mamá también is a mexican comedy and drama about two teenage boys, their exploration of sex, jealosy, and friendship. It lived up to expectations set high by Amores Perros, another mexican movie, also starring Gael Garcia Bernal. The sexual scenes in the movie were unusually explicit and a little embarrassing. The movie succeeded both as a comedy and drama, shifting often and abruptly between the two. It was shocking and exciting, yet truthful and ultimately thought provoking.

I watched all of these movies at Dagmar Teatret - an alternative and cultural, but still quite big and central cinema in Copenhagen.

I guess I'm quite some movie goer. In Stockholm I went with friends to see Ghost World and The Others for the fourth and third time respectively. Ghost World I remember seeing about a year ago at Kendall Square cinema close to MIT in Cambridge/Boston (the cinema is part of Landmark Theatres - a cinema chain in the US with a nice focus on alternative and foreign films). The Others I believe I saw at Warner Village at Leicester Square in London sometime last autumn. I wonder if the huge differences in premiere time betweeen the US and Europe, and even within Europe, are ever going away? A lot of people find the delayed of premieres in Europe annoying, and it should be increasingly difficult to defend them as the influx of TV talk shows, magazines, and DVDs from the US to Europe continues to grow.

Now Monsters Ball and Minority Report are on my movie wish list...