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Property at the Heart of London - Suddenly Flats in Stockholm seem Comparatively Cheap...

I have been looking into buying a flat in Stockholm lately and, like so many others, I have been terrified by the high price level. However, in the FT article "Mayfair on the mend" some price quotes are given that put things into perspective.

It turns out flats in Knightsbridge and Mayfair average 1100 pounds/square feet and 1000 pounds/square feet respectively. If my maths still serves me right this should roughly be equivalent to 150,000 swedish krona per square meter. The corresponding figure for Stockholm is about 25,000 - so there is a factor six difference!

I'm lucky I didn't have to pay the rent for the flat I was staying in in Mayfair while I was working for ArsDigita there! However, eventhough I wasn't paying any rent I still managed to spend astronomous amounts of money each month while staying in London. That money would have come in handy for buying an apartment in Stockholm... Oh well, I guess the IT bubble got to my head too. I think I learned a lesson or two going along for the ride and I'm glad I'm back with both feet on the ground now.