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Extravagant Wine Tasting with Scientific Approach

In the FT article Chance of a lifetime for wine gurus a quite outstanding and amazing wine tasting that was organized by particle physicist Bipin Desai in Los Angeles is described. The objective was to test the (supposedly high but hyped) quality of the 1982 Bordeaux red wines by using a blind test. The tickets to the event were $6,600 - out of reach to anybody but millionairs and wine gurus.

The result seems to be that while the 1982 scored well there were many other vintages (1990, 1989, 1961 etc.) that were about as highly rated with no vintage stepping out as a clear winner. Even though there was no consensus among participants the favored vintage seems to vary mostly depending on which Chateau it's from.

Hmmm, wonder if I can squeeze in a visit at Systembolaget (government controled liquor store) today after work... Drinking wine is better than writing about it :-)