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homepage revamped

I took down my site for a couple of hours in order to be able to upgrade the server software. The visible changes to the site are fairly small but I have spent quite some time on the admin interface of the Photo Archive application. I hope that some of the other OpenACS developers will find this application useful eventhough it's missing some important features and is still in a rough shape. I am quite happy with how it lets me upload photos in bulk, navigate photos easily and move photos between folders.

I am very pleased and excited to finally have my own homepage up and running. As is often the case the homepage project turned out to be more work than expected, but it was definetely worth the while. I would like to thank my good friend Mohan Pakkurti for helping me host this site and for being such a great inspiration! I am also very grateful to Lars Pind whose amazing website I keep coming back to for inspiration and whose elegant and useful software helped me build the site. Cheers also to Per Nyfelt at Nordic Wave who helped me turn my old PC into a full fledged server...

It's late now and I desperately need some sleep! Please let me know if you have any feedback on this site!