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Third Place in Salsa Competition

There is a quote by Woody Allen that rings more and more true to me:

Eighty percent of success is showing up

Last friday me and my girlfriend Janne were able to win third price at a Salsa competition at La Isla here in Stockholm. Thanks to the encouragement of Pilar and Ociel at Stockholm Salsa dance we decided to give the competition a try and it was great fun! My friends Håkan and Mimmis won the silver, and a very professional and choreographed couple from Uppsala took home the gold. We were very pleased to walk home with the trophies and 1000 SEK though...

There is a huge difference between social dancing and show dancing, and as my friend Håkan said, if you want to be a successful show dancer you need to learn to dance outwards (with the audience) rather than inwards (with yourself and your partner and the music).

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Anonymous said 2008-02-12 03:03:

I find it very interesting to notice how technical and competitive Mr. Marklund's view on salsa seems to be, or at least to have been in 2006. It is very educative for an amateur like me, but I agree with Norman Urquía -wouldn't you rather dance instead?

Cawel said 2006-12-10 14:11:

Wow! Nice trophy :) When will you apply for a salsa teacher position @ La Isla? This could account for the low-demand Rails periods! What a life this Peter...