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Plugin Stack Traces Missing in Rails 2.3.2

I endured a nightmarish debugging session yesterday due to Rails no longer showing proper stack traces from exceptions in plugin code. I've verified this across different Rails apps and it seems to actually be the case that with Rails 2.3.2 you no longer get a stack trace from plugins. Has anybody else had issues with this? Any pointers to where in the Rails code exception handling and stack traces are dealt with and how it could be fixed? I posted about this issue on the Rails core list but haven't received a reply yet.

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Peter Marklund said 2009-04-06 07:23:

Wow, thanks David for pointing that out. The BackTraceCleaner is a funky new "feature" in Rails that I had missed. I put feature in qutoation marks as it clearly has some negative side effects... Peter

David Backeus said 2009-04-03 18:19: