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Mon September 07, 2009

Teaching a Three Day Ruby on Rails Course in Rome

This weekend I taught a three day Ruby on Rails course here in Rome in Italy. It was a great experience and the people down here have shown the greatest hospitality and have taken very well care of me.

The format of the course was like a workshop with a small group of participants in a private and relaxed setting. I used my course material as a starting point and a road map but then improvised a lot and ended up doing a lot of hands on programming. Basically the course was divided into three parts:

  1. Ruby and Rails fundamentals. A lot of time was spent on the programming language itself and we toured the features of Ruby by live coding in TextMate.
  2. Writing a demo application. Similar to the AWR book, I built the basics for a store application, including file upload, advanced ActiveRecord associations, and deployment to a VPS with Capistrano.
  3. The participants got to work on different features in the application. Time was also spent code reviewing the participants own Rails applications.

Overall I must say the course was quite a success. Every time I teach a course I look for ways to make my courses more interactive, more hands on, and more tailored to the needs of the participants.

I also had a great time outside the course in Rome - a city that I fell in love with immediately.


Lars Pind said over 5 years ago:

Hey, it seems we've been in Italy at the same time... I was further up north, in Tuscany, more specifically Chianni.

Rome is killer. I love it.



Peter Marklund said over 5 years ago:

Wow, that's funny that we were there at the same time :-) I know you love Italy and after my trip to Rome I'm starting to see why... Nice photos by the way.


Juan J. Moreno said over 5 years ago:

It was a long time I was expecting you in Italy but due to my many duties I missed. Maybe I am playing to much congas and Latin music lastly. OK let me know to this permanent email , when will be your next time or even if you organize short courses (in English) in Sweden.
Juan J. Moreno
Studio M2J