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Thu Sep 13 2007 09:22:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Rails Deployment Tip:

If you are a Rails developer you have probably heard of FiveRuns with their RM-Manage service offering, providing monitoring and statistics for your Rails apps. I've wanted to try the service for quite a while and today I finally got around to doing so on a production server at one of my clients. All I can say is you have to try it to believe it - it's a super slick, user friendly, and powerful service.

There was a minor glitch in the setup. The FiveRuns monitoring client didn't find our Rails app since it was in a non-standard location. I entered the FiveRuns Campfire chat room and got live support within minutes and quickly had a resolution. Once we installed the FiveRuns Rails plugin and restarted the server we had live Rails response time and profiling statistics within minutes. The first impression I have of the service is just great. We will be evaluating the service over the next 30 days and I'll post here any new findings we make. Barring any really big issues coming up, I consider FiveRuns to be a huge value add to the Rails ecosystem, almost like a milestone, and I will be recommending it wholeheartedly to all my clients from now on.